Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Style Faux Fur

How to Style Faux Fur

Peter Pilotto coat / Cynthia Rowley print pants / Zara kitten heel flat / Elsa Peretti gold jewellery / Movado stainless steel bracelet

Okay this is literally the cutest outfit ever if I had actual money I would buy this so fast.
That sentence was so unprofessional..

Reasons why this outfit is perfect for Winter:
  1. It's totally warm, and it's still cute.  That's pretty hard to achieve, especially when it's 20 degrees outside right now.
  2. It's a whole lot better than wearing another giant sweater and jeans every day.
  3. You get to wear a watch and watches are handy and a great accessory, making every outfit look polished.
  5. Sorry about #4
  6. The pants work really well with the overcoat and a pair of basic heels keep it fresh and clean looking without under-dressing the look.

I promise, a new shoot to come soon!  Hang in with me, and please enjoy this fun GIF that Google+  magically made of one of my recent shoots.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cara Delivigne being generally perfect

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted lately, my computers basically gone haywire and until I can fix it please enjoy this video of Cara Delivigne singing (yet another talent of hers) along side Will Heard.  It's magical.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Black is Baack

sweater- Target, jeans- Bullhead, Shoes- Steve Madden #teenvogue #black #modern

You heard me, 
black is baack..
and more fabulous then ever.
Black has always been somewhat of a statement color.
Whether a black pinky nail, or *gasp* black lipstick, (yes, it does exist, and I do own it), black always seems to draw glances in your direction.
It used to be practically a crime,
anyone who dared to wear black was labeled as a punk or a goth,
and shunned from sleepovers and parties and even lunch groups just because they dared to wear black.
Over the past 25 years or so,
 things have loosened up,
diversity has become more of a positive than a negative,
and people have all together eliminated the words goth and punk from their vocabularies.
A person wearing black is simply making a statement.
It's a statement of:
"I want to be seen.  I am modern,  I am strong, and I am fierce."
Some people,
are not comfortable making such a statement.
Not everyone wants to stick out in a crowd, even in a good way.
I get that,
I used to be one of those people.
It takes years really, or for some, maybe just a day or two of thinking,
what am I hiding from?
Maybe your hiding from those sideways glances in the halls that trigger that little bit of insecurity right inside you,
or maybe there's a boy that makes you so shy you just want to disappear, and black just won't help you do that.
Think about it.
All your life you'll be faced with judgmental looks and boys that give you butterflies,
but it doesn't mean you have to spend your entire life hiding from them, and hiding from black.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweaters, Socks, & A Cactus

 excuse my "Sherlock Holmes" shoes, they've had a tad bit too much wear.. #teenvogue

I've been very controversial about sweater dresses lately.
They're super cute, and they keep your shoulders and tummy warm,
but your legs freeze.
And especially in fun bright colors or patterns.
Fun Tip:
If you can't keep your legs warm, 
keep your feet warm,
and your entire body will feel instantly warmer.
I find it so difficult to style my shoes in the fall/early winter because it's so cold that you want to cuddle up in boots every day, but boots get rather boring after awhile and so do jeans.
I got this neutral pair of what I call "Sherlock Holmes" shoes, they're super warm (and they're actually mens, I thought I'd try out a masculine look this Fall) and they add a sense of heaviness and punk-ness to every outfit.
Is punk-ness a word? Am I making up words now? In that case, fabulicious is a word now too..

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feeling Floral

dress- thrifted, homemade, shoes- Gap #teenvogue #floraldress

The hardest part about blogging is writing your feelings.  
Because clothes are feelings.  
When you wear heels, you feel taller.
When you wear a cute dress you feel pretty.
When you wear sweats, a hoodie, and sandals, you feel like you should be sitting outside Starbucks asking for money.
Clothes are all about how they make you feel.
I felt smashing.
..just saying..
Now to my main preach of the week, the number one staple of the season: 
1.  I love a short floral dress with a flared out skirt that defines my waist and makes my legs look longer.
2.  Floral dresses are always a go-to in my closet and an easy outfit to pull off.
3.  Try a floral dress with a denim jacket and combat boots for a punk look, 
or with ballet flats and a cardigan for a cute and preppy one.
4.  Or, for a dressier occasion, try pairing your go-to dress with fun statement wedges and a clutch.
5.  You can dress it down, or bling it up.
6.  Whatever you like!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Date Night! (In my overpriced imagination)

Date Night!

Brocade dress / Forever 21 ruching dress / Topshop t shirt / Miss Selfridge longsleeve shirt / French Connection pencil skirt / Charlotte Olympia suede pumps

Ever been stuck trying to figure out what to wear on date night?
Well, I mean, I haven't, but hey maybe you have.
You want to look classy but also have some guy appeal, right?
And who could forget comfort.
No one wants to spend their date sitting uncomfortably in a way-too-short-skirt and way-too-high-heels.
So instead of complaining about the difficulties of impressing guys and how much I wish I could slip into sweats and a frizzy ponytail and off I go, 
I'll talk about each number on my little diagram and give some advice on how to style each piece 

1.  Wearing a pencil skirt is basically saying that your confident in your body and don't mind showing it off, but wearing a long pencil skirt shows that your confident but not easy, which is a good thing. I think.  I've been rolling with it.. Style with a curve fitting top and a pair of stellar shoes.  Maybe add a chunky statement necklace if the shoes aren't enough.
2.  I cannot get over how cute this top is.  It looks almost sporty, but so mod.  Pair with sleek tailored pants and loafers.  Go very minimal on makeup.
3.  You'll feel radiant with your hair flowing over your shoulders onto the delicate lace of this long sleeved crop top.  Pair with a pencil skirt and some kind of daring shoe to add some pop to this pretty outfit.
4.  This pattern is so elegant.  Pair with short yellow kitten heels and put your hair up in a big bun if it's a day date, and for a night date leave your hair natural and pair with taller patterned heels that match.
5.  I think I'm actually going to buy this.. It would look so cute with red loafers or the shoes in number 6.. Hm.  
6.  You could pair these versatile heels with anything really, but an elegant match would be a masculine suit that still fits well.  They would especially look good next to anything black, so think elegant and modern with a twist of damn.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feeling Crisp

shirt and pants- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Gap #teenvogue

I for one am happier than anyone that wearing pajamas outside of your house is now okay, 
because I've really been taking advantage of it.
I mean, every day this week I've worn fabulous pajama suits and felt like a million bucks.
 So happy with life lately.. 
Trying to decide which shoes to wear with the suit was a major conflict.
Blue, or pink/orange?
Well blue's just so matchy,
and pink/orange's so pop.
I try to go out of the box with my outfits, because who wants to go to school in predictable clothes?
I never colored inside the lines, and I'll never dress inside them either.
I figure,
if I wear neon pink shoes and pajamas to school,
then maybe that shy girl in my math class will think 
'Hm. Maybe I can wear my fancy heels to school.  I mean, no ones giving her a hard time for it, so maybe I can dress up tomorrow and I'll be happy like her.'
That's what it's all about.
Showing a little bit of confidence even if you feel a tad bit weird in what you're wearing,
to show someone else that they can be confident in whatever they wear too.
I want every girl in the world to glow with confidence when they walk out the door in the morning,
and feel absolutely fabulous every day.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

NACHOS (and others)

I recently took a fabulous trip to San Fransisco, and thought it would be a nice change of pace to not do a clothing post this week. (Also because my photographer is who knows where) 
Although I couldn't afford to buy a single thing the whole day,
I still enjoyed viewing all the lovely dresses and testing out the lotions and eating LOTS and LOTS of nachos..
Have a lovely week, and I promise I'll post a clothing post as soon as I can!
Hang in there with me!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Soy Cuba (Not really)

dress- urban outfitters, scarf- vintage, socks- some airport in Arizona (thanks dad), shoes- from Isabel, bag- Soy Cuba! #teenvogue

I feel like every one thinks fall is just sweaters and jeans,
or an excuse to wear yoga pants.
Well let me tell you,
it is never okay to wear yoga pants anywhere except a yoga class or an organic foods market.
-From all of us out there who don't want to know you that well..
*Just had to get that out there*

 I don't know about the rest of the world,
but I loooove fall.
I love all the leaves that I can crunch when I'm walking,
the rain clouds that give me an excuse to wear a big fluffy raincoat,
and best of all,
the pumpkin chai lattes.
I've been doing my chores lately for one reason and one reason only:
Chores=money=pumpkin chai lattes 
Gone is the season of weird sodas found in the organic isle of your local supermarket,
the season of $5 dollar pizzas and way too large Coca Cola's,
and once again the lovely, wonderful, blessed season of everything pumpkin flavored and delicious is back ♥
What's your favorite season, and why? 
And did I mention that this lovely lady in my last picture is mi amiga Isabel,
who helps me with my style choices and also agrees yoga pants are bad for human health?
Have a nice week!