Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flowers and Florals

Go outside. 
Talk to people.  Smell the roses.  Observe gardens. 
I know,
I know,
it's hard leaving your computer,
..and that half finished bag of Hot Cheetos.
But the air outside is finally warming up and you can feel the light breeze on your legs as you try to discreetly hold your skirt down and try not to stumble in your way-too-high-for-your-age heels.
Over the past few weeks I've been collecting several ideas for what my spring wardrobe will consist of.
I'm predicting that since florals were such a big spring 'thing' last year,
they probably won't circle back again.
So I thought, what is the opposite of soft, flowy florals?
Leather, hard lace, combat boots, velvet skirts, studs, beanies, platform sandals..
Who said punk rock couldn't be the


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