Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Yard

Dress/Skirt made into dress- thrifted, Sweater- thrifted, Shoes- Doc Martens

For this shoot we went deep into the wilderness..
Well, not really,
We just tried to work through the mess of a garden I call my front yard.  But it's gorgeous for shoots, huh?
The lighting was perfect too.  Everything just went so well the neighborhood kids playing basketball loudly and having sac races down the street didn't even kill my vibe.
My artsy-liciously-good vibe.
Not much to say about this shoot,
Which is odd,
Since it was such a huge shoot.

Doc Martens.
That should summarize it's awesomeness.



  1. I love this look, you are so pretty!

  2. Your yard does provide perfect lighting! The way you styled these Doc Martens makes me want to jump on the Doc Marten train...