Friday, July 26, 2013

The Makeup and Color Bit

lipstick- Loreal, mascara- Covergirl (complements of Teen Vogue), eye glitter- Covergirl

The right lipstick, the perfect shade of shadow, and a wink of mascara can make a girl feel beautiful.
But can you feel beautiful, naturally?
I say,
Because there's this little thing called 'technology' that you must be aware of, considering you are on some piece of it reading my blog right now.
Ever tried a little bit of technology on a picture? Like editing the light, the contrast, the shadows, the sharpness of a photo? 
Try a filter.
See what colors highlight your bone structure,
make your eyes pop,
and make your lips look irresistible.
You'll natural young, fresh you,
Just in a new perspective.

The girl in the Vietnamese Wedges

 headband- it's really a scarf (shh), dress- vintage, shoes- Vietnamese flea market

Who's that girl in those ultra colorful,
Teeny tiny,
Carved wedges?
Oh yeah,
That's me.

And who could forget this show stopper dress?
I have dreams about it.
New and fun things coming next week,
I promise.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Downtown Spark

dress- Forever 21, purse- vintage, shoes- Lower East Side #teenvogue

A cute and twirly dress, a pair of sister-stolen sparkly ballet flats, a trip to the record store, and a tiny vintage find can really make a walk around your 'lame and old' downtown shall I say,
A summer spent relaxing in the most fabulous clothes at your local hot dog finery and, stereotypically, Starbucks with your buds, is a summer well spent. 
There's just something about hanging out with the wicked kids.

P.S. Love vintage photography? Check out an instagram loaded with the stuff:


Thursday, July 11, 2013

A vintage perspective

shorts- Guess, top- fabric scrap!, shoes- you know, headband- Again, made by me #teenvogue

There I go.. 
Running off into the sunset. 
Actually, over a hill in my local golf course.
Sorry to take the magic out of it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stereotypically Red, White, and Blue

*sigh, yanna, get it right*


top/bandeau- Tilly's, skirt- from an African dance class i took in 2nd grade, headband- I MADE IT

Cute headband right?
Oh, wait,
(If you didn't already see that in my garment list above ^^^^^)
Not much to say about this clearly American themed shoot except have a happy Fourth of July!
Throw on something glittery and light up some illegal fire works in your backyard.
Or you know.  Watch a Castle marathon on TV with your friends.
Either one is patriotic, really.
And if you're one of my international viewers that wants to show some spirit,
Send me a picture of you in red, white, and blue. 
I might just give you a shout out..