Saturday, August 31, 2013

Free the People

dress- Free People, tank top- Hurley, Shoes- Doc Martens #teenvogue

Reasons why my cat makes my photos better: 
1. She's fabulous
2. She's black and white, she goes with everything
3. She's a cat and who doesn't love cats what
4. She's actually a fantastic model/accessory
5.  She puts me in a good mood :)

I went back to school this week, and I was piled with homework from first period on.  Everyone had so many new things, backpacks, books, clothes, shoes, it made me so envious to see them with so many new things.  I've never gone back to school shopping, I mean, who has 500 dollars to blow on clothes? I usually just wait for a blowout sale or I buy from used clothing stores.  So I'm going to recycle my wardrobe this weekend for a new one and see what I can make into some good outfits.  I got this jumper for $8 from a local used clothing store that I work at, and the tank top as well.  The point of this post was just to let the world know that you don't have to spend all your or your parents money just to have a fantastic wardrobe.  As Tim Gunn says on Project Runway (which I am obsessed with),
"Make it work."


Friday, August 23, 2013


dress- SQUEEZE (fancied up a bit by yours truly), shoes- Payless #teenvogue #mismatched #art #quirky #overalls #homemade

See this dress?
See it?
I made it.
I also made crepes..
So what do you guys think?
Enough ruffles?
Need to add more?
Should I add more bows?
Am I too lazy to make more bows?
This post is all about experiments,
I played around with these little overalls for hours last night until my machine got tired and decided to flip out, tear my fabric, and die.
It's such a diva sometimes.
Am I lame?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Garden Wedding

Dress- Vintage Victor Costa, Shoes- Mossimo, Clutch- Modella #teenvogue

I know, a gazzilion pictures right?  
I just loved the light.
I spent the past week in Austin, Texas, wilting under the heat for the few brief moments I stepped out of a store to step right into another one.  
The finds were worth the break in my bank.
A pink strapless dress that was made out of something that felt like a raincoat, 
a silk robe in magenta,
a long rose pink bridal gown,
a pair of grandma loafers,
a sparkly baseball cap,
and of course,
this little number.
My aunt gasped when she zipped it up and it fit perfectly.
It reminded her of an 80's ball gown,
or a garden wedding.
I am hoping my sister weds soon enough that I can still fit into it.
The print looks like a tad bit like curtains,
but fabulous vintage perfect yet again fabulous curtains.
Have you ever just slipped into something and felt like a million bucks?
Like you could go anywhere,
talk to anyone,
do anything?
I felt like that.  I felt beautiful.
And that was truly a fabulous feeling. 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Story

shirt- forever21, skirt- vintage, shoes- Steve Madden #teenvogue

This week was rather emotional for me.  
My best friend moved to Chile.
I spent the whole weekend moping around, wearing sweat-shorts and tank tops and walking barefoot to random locations to buy myself pot stickers and frozen yogurt.  
It's odd how when you're down, you don't feel 'in the mood' to work out a fabulous outfit and have a good time. 
You just put on something slouchy and make yourself feel even more sad.
And you just don't feel like you.
But when you throw on the right pair of shoes, and slip into a pretty little outfit,
You forget about all the sadness,
and you just feel at home again.
Have a fantastic week,
Arianna Lila