Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Garden Wedding

Dress- Vintage Victor Costa, Shoes- Mossimo, Clutch- Modella #teenvogue

I know, a gazzilion pictures right?  
I just loved the light.
I spent the past week in Austin, Texas, wilting under the heat for the few brief moments I stepped out of a store to step right into another one.  
The finds were worth the break in my bank.
A pink strapless dress that was made out of something that felt like a raincoat, 
a silk robe in magenta,
a long rose pink bridal gown,
a pair of grandma loafers,
a sparkly baseball cap,
and of course,
this little number.
My aunt gasped when she zipped it up and it fit perfectly.
It reminded her of an 80's ball gown,
or a garden wedding.
I am hoping my sister weds soon enough that I can still fit into it.
The print looks like a tad bit like curtains,
but fabulous vintage perfect yet again fabulous curtains.
Have you ever just slipped into something and felt like a million bucks?
Like you could go anywhere,
talk to anyone,
do anything?
I felt like that.  I felt beautiful.
And that was truly a fabulous feeling. 



  1. You feel beautiful but you also look beautiful! Great pictures!

    ♥ ♥

  2. This dress is perfection. Just making that known.
    Xo, Elle