Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Story

shirt- forever21, skirt- vintage, shoes- Steve Madden #teenvogue

This week was rather emotional for me.  
My best friend moved to Chile.
I spent the whole weekend moping around, wearing sweat-shorts and tank tops and walking barefoot to random locations to buy myself pot stickers and frozen yogurt.  
It's odd how when you're down, you don't feel 'in the mood' to work out a fabulous outfit and have a good time. 
You just put on something slouchy and make yourself feel even more sad.
And you just don't feel like you.
But when you throw on the right pair of shoes, and slip into a pretty little outfit,
You forget about all the sadness,
and you just feel at home again.
Have a fantastic week,
Arianna Lila              

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  1. That's so far away, think of it as a reason why you NEED to go on vacation to Chile! I love the new header, btw.