Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeling Minimal

top- forever21, pants- forever21, shoes- my mom #teenvogue

Am I the only one shocked by my choice of black and white?
Usually I'm wearing multi-colored Hawaiian shirts and neon pink loafers. 
I know, you're asking, why are you shocked if you chose it?
Well sometimes you just reach into your closet,
try desperately to pull something out of the jumble of kimonos you have smushed together and strapless dresses that they cruelly forbid you to strut at school,
and once you've massacred practically your entire room,
you pull out a sparkly top and some ultra cool pants,
and you think hm,
I like this.
I really like this.
And your mom sees you trying it on and demands that you wear it with her sandals and add some bling to your waist.
So you do.
And you step back,
you look in the mirror,
and you jump around a whole lot.


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