Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lavender Lust

blouse- thrifted, skirt- thrifted, shoes- lower east side #teenvogue #lavender

Feeling oh-so-flowy

The light captures my feelings in this outfit on point. 
Having to shoot in the mornings now that the mosquitoes come out at 4 and don't leave.  And considering we just learned about West Nile Virus in Bio, I'm a tad bit scared! Good thing I dropped it the next day, (I had really been hoping for something more agricultural), and started Leadership.  I love it.  So many events to plan, so many posters to paint, so many American flags to buy.. It's fabulous!  I love having something to do, despite my constant groans of "I HAVE SOOO MUCH HOMEWORK." I really do love it.  And I'm hoping to gain some skills as a leader (I mean leadership).. And maybe even find a little school spirit in the mix.  I love you guys and your feedback, I really appreciate what you have to say.  


  1. You have about 1000 bandeaus that I love.

  2. Oh my God Arianna you're so freaking beautiful and amazing!! Your style inspires me. Your pics and blog are flawless oh my gosh I can't even