Monday, November 11, 2013

Black is Baack

sweater- Target, jeans- Bullhead, Shoes- Steve Madden #teenvogue #black #modern

You heard me, 
black is baack..
and more fabulous then ever.
Black has always been somewhat of a statement color.
Whether a black pinky nail, or *gasp* black lipstick, (yes, it does exist, and I do own it), black always seems to draw glances in your direction.
It used to be practically a crime,
anyone who dared to wear black was labeled as a punk or a goth,
and shunned from sleepovers and parties and even lunch groups just because they dared to wear black.
Over the past 25 years or so,
 things have loosened up,
diversity has become more of a positive than a negative,
and people have all together eliminated the words goth and punk from their vocabularies.
A person wearing black is simply making a statement.
It's a statement of:
"I want to be seen.  I am modern,  I am strong, and I am fierce."
Some people,
are not comfortable making such a statement.
Not everyone wants to stick out in a crowd, even in a good way.
I get that,
I used to be one of those people.
It takes years really, or for some, maybe just a day or two of thinking,
what am I hiding from?
Maybe your hiding from those sideways glances in the halls that trigger that little bit of insecurity right inside you,
or maybe there's a boy that makes you so shy you just want to disappear, and black just won't help you do that.
Think about it.
All your life you'll be faced with judgmental looks and boys that give you butterflies,
but it doesn't mean you have to spend your entire life hiding from them, and hiding from black.

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