Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweaters, Socks, & A Cactus

 excuse my "Sherlock Holmes" shoes, they've had a tad bit too much wear.. #teenvogue

I've been very controversial about sweater dresses lately.
They're super cute, and they keep your shoulders and tummy warm,
but your legs freeze.
And especially in fun bright colors or patterns.
Fun Tip:
If you can't keep your legs warm, 
keep your feet warm,
and your entire body will feel instantly warmer.
I find it so difficult to style my shoes in the fall/early winter because it's so cold that you want to cuddle up in boots every day, but boots get rather boring after awhile and so do jeans.
I got this neutral pair of what I call "Sherlock Holmes" shoes, they're super warm (and they're actually mens, I thought I'd try out a masculine look this Fall) and they add a sense of heaviness and punk-ness to every outfit.
Is punk-ness a word? Am I making up words now? In that case, fabulicious is a word now too..

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