Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I WOULD Have Worn to #nyfw

Top- TJ Maxx  Shorts- Urban Outfitters  Shoes- Adidas x UO exclusive collaboration  #teenvogue #nyfw

If I could have gone to New York Fashion Week..

1.  I would have exploded from joy.
2.  I would have fan-girled all over the place.
3.  I would have believed that all the pizza was "the best pizza in New York City".
4.  I would have worn this.

But seriously guys, not only is NYFW the best week of the year, 
its also great for style inspiration.

Fashion week isn't only amazing runway shows that we obsess over, it's also amazing street style.  
Flip through photos on your phone of some awesome outfits you saw off the runway, and try to recreate them (using your own style) for something more casual, like school or work.

P.S.  If you're going next season,  I can fit in your luggage.

Friday, July 18, 2014

From The Road

This month while I visited New York, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with the entrepreneur, teacher, and photographer Susan Easton, creator of From The Road.  She started the company based on her passion for the arts and world travel, and more importantly, how people created them.   
Here I display pictures of some of the incredible art that she has discovered.

Nalangu Bag

The story:  "Influenced by the traditional beading techniques found within the remote northern region of Turkana, each bag is painstakingly hand strung by talented artisans in all white or a range of spring green hues"



Quipus Long Hanging Earring

The story:  "These strikingly minimal designs are hand tooled high up in the Ecuadorian Andes in a small mountain town renowned for fine filigree. Each piece is finished in a traditional bathing technique, which creates this beautifully unique muted matte look."



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Someone Recruit Me for The 70's

Overalls- Calvin Klein   Bandeau- Thrifted   Shoes-  Thrifted   Bracelet-  Boheme's   #teenvogue #denim #overalls #summer #lipstick

I bought overalls.
And I still haven't been recruited for a modern take on That 70's Show.
I'd say I'm insulted,
but I'm in too good of a mood (See line 1 for the reason),
and I'm too busy playing with my bracelet.

I hope you noticed I attempted red lipstick,

How to pull off a bright lip:

  1. Use lip balm to prime your lips 5 minutes before applying lipstick.
  2. Start with your upper lip:  Depending on the shape of your lips, you want to start at your cupids bow and move outward.  Smile as you apply so that you get the creases in your lips you may have missed.  Go down until you are a tiny way away from the end of your upper lip.
  3. For your lower lip:  Start a tiny way away (again) from your mouth's crease.  Smile.  Apply.
  4. Gently press your lips together a few times to rub it in, but make sure it doesn't smudge.

Have fun and remember,
They made makeup wipes for a reason.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bring Back the Broccoli Sprout Hair

 ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
 ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽   
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  ✽  
Wearing: Top- Homemade  Skirt- Forever21  Shoes- thrifted  #teenvogue

First things first..
  • Broccoli Sprout Hair= when your hair is in such a high ponytail your mom says you look like a sprout of broccoli.
  • I put way too many ties on my top, please excuse my bow obsession.
  • and to give you an Iggy reference, I'm the realest.

Considering I haven't posted since November, 
I owe you a huge apology,
which I'm going to give to you in the form of a list telling you exactly how to bring back the broccoli sprout hair.
1)  Buy a scrunchie.
2)  Pull the top half of your hair (where you make your part in the morning) back with your hands.
3)  Pull it up so that this section is sticking straight up.
4)  Tie it with a hair tie first, then a scrunchie if you want it to last all day.
5)  Ask your mom if you look like a sprout of broccoli, and, if your mom isn't home, check your fridge for broccoli.

Until next November (it's okay, I'm just kidding),

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Birthday Story & the Lack of Posts

My birthday was Friday.. 
Just throwing it out there that you're totally free to send gifts..

Well that's my birthday story.

I am so sorry I haven't been posting in WEEKS,
school has been really stressful lately and I've had like 3458423976 finals,
and I can barely find the time to take pictures for a post.
I care a lot about my blog, 
it's the only place I can write about clothes and dress however I want and not get judged, (or at least I hope), and I love having that place to show my outfits off (cause I'm pretty confident in them) and know that people will find them interesting and maybe be a little inspired by them.

What I'm trying to say is,
I love my blog.  But sometimes (yes, even for months and months) I can't find the time to post, or I just don't feel that inspired.  I'm not ending it, and I'm not taking a break, I'm just living my life and blogging along the way when I can.