Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I WOULD Have Worn to #nyfw

Top- TJ Maxx  Shorts- Urban Outfitters  Shoes- Adidas x UO exclusive collaboration  #teenvogue #nyfw

If I could have gone to New York Fashion Week..

1.  I would have exploded from joy.
2.  I would have fan-girled all over the place.
3.  I would have believed that all the pizza was "the best pizza in New York City".
4.  I would have worn this.

But seriously guys, not only is NYFW the best week of the year, 
its also great for style inspiration.

Fashion week isn't only amazing runway shows that we obsess over, it's also amazing street style.  
Flip through photos on your phone of some awesome outfits you saw off the runway, and try to recreate them (using your own style) for something more casual, like school or work.

P.S.  If you're going next season,  I can fit in your luggage.